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Proud to introduce you to SAFCO International General Trading Co. L.L.C, one of the leading food service and distributions companies in the Middle East. A pioneer in the field, we enjoy a reputation for .....

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Aly Tortilla Wraps, Sweets , Cookies & Manti
Mission Tortilla original & Whole Wheat Flou
Cuetara Biscuits
Andalusian Gardens - Chocolate Spread & Chocolate Powder


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Eyad El Mahamid Trading Co. was established in 2003 and based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is a reputable importer, exporter Car Accessories and Launched FMCG Division in 2015 and having an exclusivity for distribution from selected European and North American products.

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Our Mission

To deliver superior distribution and visibility for our premium brands we carry in local and international markets.

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Our Vision

To provide branded products of premium quality and value that improves the lives of the world’s consumers.

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Our Values

Team Work -Respect-Leadership-Trust Social responsibility.

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